Our Mission at TAMIT is to promote excellence in professional healthcare interpreting and translation in West Tennessee.


  • To enhance the quality and increase the number of trained healthcare interpreters and translators in the West Tennessee area.
  • To provide the opportunity for networking among members of TAMIT.
  • To provide educational and professional training opportunities for medical interpreters and translators.
  • To encourage decision makers, providers and consumers in the healthcare industry to comply with recognized standards of practice, concerning the use of language services in the medical field.
  • To raise awareness among healthcare providers and consumers of the importance and value of professional medical interpreting and translation.
  • To serve as an information clearinghouse for the community, concerning access to language services.
  • To network and collaborate with national, state, and local organizations, private enterprises and government agencies.
  • To support and perform related research on the enhancement of the profession.
  • To develop a non-profit fee-for-service division consistent with the mission of the organization.