Our Impact

SIRUM is on a mission to save medicine to save lives. 

We’ve already helped 150,000+ uninsured and underinsured patients get access to life-saving medicine – and we’re just getting started. Our vision is to get nearly $1 billion of medicine to 1 million patients over the next five years.

By the Numbers


donations shipped through our platform


of medicine redistributed to partners


prescriptions donated to help people in need

2022 at a Glance


of surplus medicine redistributed to our community partners


30-day prescriptions donated to help people in need

130 tons

of pharmaceutical waste diverted from our airways and waterways


uninsured and underinsured patients reached by our community partners


savings per patient per month -- money now available for other essentials like food and housing

How it works


Individuals and organizations donate their surplus medicine instead of destroying it.


SIRUM matches donated medicine to community partners who need it. 


Community partners provide donated medicine to patients who otherwise wouldn’t have access.


Individuals and organizations donate their surplus medicine instead of destroying it.


SIRUM matches donated medicine to community partners who need it.


Community partners provide donated medicine to patients who otherwise wouldn’t have access.

Donor Spotlight

SIRUM works with manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, nursing homes, and assisted living communities across the country to turn medicine waste into life-saving donation.

PharMerica is a leading long-term care pharmacy that has partnered with SIRUM since 2015. They've grown from donating 200 boxes of surplus medicine in Year 1, to 75 locations donating 6,500 boxes in 2022 – medicine worth millions of dollars.

Community Partner Spotlights

SIRUM redistributes donated medicine across a network of community clinics and pharmacies in 9 states nationwide. By using donated medicine as their inventory, our partners are able to provide low or no cost medicine to their patients who otherwise wouldn't have access.
  • Powered by SIRUM's supply and technology, Good Pill launched in Georgia in 2017 as the state’s first pharmacy stocked with donated medicine. Delivering life-saving medicine to patients’ doors for a low administrative fee of $6 per 90-day supply, Good Pill Home Delivery is on a mission to make prescription pricing transparent and accessible to all uninsured and underinsured patients.  Since 2017, Good Pill has filled 600,000+ prescriptions worth more than $50 million.
    "No doubt, Good Pill has helped my health a whole lot. If everyone could get their meds through Good Pill, that’s what I’d tell them to do."
    - Good Pill patient
  • St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy is the only free pharmacy in Greater Cincinnati and southwestern Ohio, expecting to open its third site in 2023. Paired with an on-site nurse practitioner who can monitor health conditions and prescribe medicine, the pharmacy offers free medicine to uninsured and underinsured neighbors in need. Since 2006, St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy has filled 700,000 prescriptions worth $100 million.
    "SIRUM changes the game for us. Before, we were sourcing our own donated drugs by going physically onsite to nursing facilities and spending an entire day sorting through their drugs scheduled for destruction. Now drugs come straight to us."
    - Dr. Rusty Curington, Director of Pharmacy
  • The Wyoming Medication Donation Program (WMDP), run by the state’s Department of Health, offers short-term prescription assistance for Wyoming residents who lack adequate insurance coverage. Powered by donated medicine, they offer prescriptions to a state-wide network of local dispensing sites and a mail-order program. Since 2007, WMDP has filled over 150,000 prescriptions worth more than $25 million -- all at no cost to eligible patients.
    "SIRUM has a very similar mission to the Wyoming Medication Donation Program, handling medicine access for those in need. We are proud to partner with SIRUM." 
    - Dr. Sarah Gilliard, Program Manager

In Our Patients' Words

Lindsey is a veteran currently without insurance in Georgia. “Things run in my family, like high cholesterol. My doctor said ‘You have a good chance of a heart attack,’ but said if I take this med, [it would] reduce the chance.” But Lindsey was in debt to pay for his healthcare, choosing month to month whether to take or skip his medicine. 

Then Lindsey was referred to SIRUM's charitable partner Good Pill by a local free clinic. Using a supply of donated surplus medicine provided by SIRUM, Good Pill ships Lindsey 90-day supplies of his prescription, helping keep him on his regimen and hopefully prevent a future heart attack. “This medication is a lifesaver … It means everything to get a little help. I’m thankful to God I don’t have to worry about it anymore and get continuous support month to month. This is what is needed in America today."

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